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API API-571 Online Exam Practice Questions


A 6″, A106 Gr B, flanged line carrying caustic wash water at 200?F has signs of atmospheric corrosion. Which of the

following may have help accelerate the corrosion? 

A. Sulfides 

B. Fly ash 

C. Caustic D. None of the above 

Correct Answer: B 


Spheroidization and graphitization are competing mechanisms that occur at overlapping temperature ranges.

Spheroidization tends to occur preferentially above _______ while graphitization predominates below this temperature. 

A. 1000º F 

B. 1025º F 

C. 1050º F 

D. 1100º F 

Correct Answer: B 


In piping and equipment, creep cracking can occur where high metal temperatures and _________ occur together.

Creep cracking, once initiated, can progress rapidly. 

A. Pressures 

B. Stress risers 

C. Velocities 

D. None of the above 

Correct Answer: B 


__________ caustic concentrations and ________ temperatures increase the likelihood and severity of cracking with

caustic embrittlement. 

A. Increasing, Decreasing B. Decreasing, Increasing 

C. Decreasing, Decreasing 

D. Increasing, Increasing 

Correct Answer: D 


Primarily hot-wall piping and equipment in the following units can be affected by graphitization. FCC, catalytic reformer

and ______. 

A. Hydrotreater 

B. Hydrocracker 

C. Coker 

D. Alky 

Correct Answer: C 


Inspection for wet H2S damage generally focuses on _____ and ______. 

A. Weld seams 

B. Nozzles 

C. Trays 

D. Down comers 

E. A and B 

Correct Answer: E 


Caustic is sometimes added to process streams for ________ or as a reactant. 

A. Stability 

B. Corrosion control 

C. Neutralization 

D. Inhibiting 

Correct Answer: C 


Cadmium and lead will cause LME on _____________. 

A. Copper alloys 

B. 300 Series SS 

C. Aluminum alloys 

D. High strength steel 

Correct Answer: D 


For 5Cr-0.5Mo, what is the threshold temperature for creep? 

A. 500º F 

B. 800º F 

C. 600º F 

D. 700º F 

Correct Answer: B 


At high temperatures, metal components can slowly and continuously deform under load below the yield stress. This

time dependent deformation of stressed components is known as __________. 

A. Deformation 

B. Fatigue 

C. Creep 

D. Thermal fatigue 

Correct Answer: C 


If weld repairs are required, the effects of temper embrittlement can be temporarily reversed (de-embrittled) by heating

at ______ for 2 hours per inch of thickness and rapidly cooling to room temperature. 

A. 1000º F 

B. 1150º F 

C. 1200º F 

D. 1250º F 

Correct Answer: B 


High temperature H² / H²S corrosion damage is minimized by using alloys with high _________ content. 

A. Carbon 

B. Molybdenum 

C. Chromium 

D. Stainless 

Correct Answer: C 


In a pump, the difference between the actual pressure, or head, of a liquid available (measured on the suction side) and

the vapor pressure of that liquid is called Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) available. The minimum head required to 

prevent cavitation with a given liquid at a given flow rate is called Net Positive Suction Head __________. 

Inadequate NPSH can result in cavitation. 

A. Surplus 

B. Required 

C. Reserve 

D. None of the above 

Correct Answer: B

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