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Exam Code: 210-255
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations
Updated: Jul 19, 2017
Q&As: 65

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An underlying asset price is at 100, its annual volatility is 25% and the risk free interest rate is 5%.
A European put option has a strike of 105 and a maturity of 90 days. Its Black-Scholes price is
7.11. The options sensitivities are: delta = -0.59; gamma = 0.03; vega = 19.29. Find the delta
gamma approximation to the new option price when the underlying asset price changes to 105

A. 6.49
B. 5.03
C. 4.59
D. 4.54
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Answer: D
You are given the following values of a quadratic function f(x): f(0)=0, f(1)=-2, f(2)=-5. On the basis
of these data, the derivative f'(0) is …
A. in the interval ]-2.5,-2[
B. equal to -2
C. in the interval ]-2,+[
D. in the interval ]-,-2.5]
Answer: C
Suppose that f(x) and g(x,y) are functions. What is the partial derivative of f(g(x,y)) with respect to
A. f'(g(x,y))
B. f(dg/dy)
C. f(g(x,y)) dg/dy
D. f'(g(x,y)) dg/dy
210-255 exma 
Answer: D
What is the total derivative of the function f(x,y) = ln(x+y), where ln() denotes the natural
logarithmic function?

A. 1 / (x+y)
B. (x + y) / (x+y)
C. -x/(x+y) – y/(x+y)
D. ln(x+y) x + ln(x+y) y
Answer: B
What is the indefinite integral of the function f(x) = ln(x), where ln(x) denotes the natural
logarithmic function?
A. x ln(x) – x
B. ln(x) – x
C. 1/x
D. exp(x)
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Answer: A
The Lagrangian of a constrained optimisation problem is given by L(x,y,) = 16x+8×2+4y-(4x+y-20),
where is the Lagrange multiplier. What is the solution for x and y?
A. x = -1, y = 0
B. x = 0, y = 20
C. x = 5, y = 0
D. None of the above
Answer: B
Consider two functions f(x) and g(x) with indefinite integrals F(x) and G(x), respectively. The
indefinite integral of the product f(x)g(x) is given by

A. F(x)G(x)
B. F(x)g(x) + f(x)G(x)
C. F(x)g(x) – F(x)g'(x)dx
D. f(x)G(x) – F(x)g'(x)dx
210-255 vce 
Answer: C
The fundamental theorem of analysis establishes a relation between
A. First and second derivative of a function
B. The derivative of a function and the slope of its graph
C. Integration and differentiation of functions
D. The derivative of a function and the derivative of its inverse function
Answer: C
Bond convexity is closely related to …
A. The derivative of the bond’s present value with respect to yield
B. The second derivative of the bond’s present value with respect to yield
C. The integral of the bond’s present value with respect to yield
D. The sensitivity of the bond’s present value with respect to yield
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Answer: B
In a quadratic Taylor approximation, a function is approximated by:
A. a constant
B. a straight line
C. a parabola
D. a cubic polynomial
Answer: C
Which statement regarding the matrix below is true?
A. It is not positive definite
B. It is positive semi-definite
C. It is positive definite
D. It is negative definite
210-255 pdf 
Answer: A
Every covariance matrix must be positive semi-definite. If it were not then:
A. Some portfolios could have a negative variance
B. One or more of its eigenvalues would be negative
C. There would be no Cholesky decomposition matrix
D. All the above statements are true
Answer: D
The determinant of a matrix X is equal 2. Which of the following statements is true?
A. det(2X) =
B. det(2X) = 2 det(X)
C. det(2X) = det(X)2
D. det(2X) = 4 det(X)
210-255 pdf 
Answer: D
What is the angle between the following two three dimensional vectors: a=(1,2,3), b=(-4,2,0)?
A. 90 degrees
B. 180 degrees
C. 57 degrees
D. 45 degrees
Answer: A
Calculate the determinant of the following matrix:
A. 4.25
B. -4.25
C. 4
D. 2
210-255 vce 
Answer: D

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