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You are the Cloud Architect of a company, and are designing a solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure where you want

to have all your compute instances resistant to hardware failure. Which two are recommended best practices to achieve

the requirement on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? (Choose two.) 

A. Create a custom image of your system drive each time you change the image. 

B. Attach block volumes from different Availability Domains to compute instances in different Availability Domains for

high availability. 

C. Design your system with redundant compute modes in different Availability Domains to support the failover


D. Create backups of your block volumes that are associated with compute instances in different regions. 

Correct Answer: AC 




Which storage would you use if your big data workload requires shared access and an NFS based interface? 

A. File Storage 

B. Storage Software Cloud Appliance 

C. Object Storage 

D. Archive Storage 

E. Block Volume 

Correct Answer: A 




Which two resources reside exclusively in a single availability domain? 

A. compute instance 

B. block volume 

C. object storage 

D. groups 

E. virtual cloud network 

Correct Answer: AB 



Which three are capabilities of the dbaascli utility? (Choose three.) 

A. Patching the primary database deployment 

B. Open port 1521 in the VCN to allow for traffic to the listener 

C. Start and open the database instance 

D. Switchover and failover in an Oracle Guard configuration 

E. Clone a DB 

Correct Answer: ACD 



Which two identity providers can your administrator federate with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? (Choose two.) 

A. Microsoft Active Directory 

B. Oracle Identity Cloud Services 

C. AWS Directory Services 

D. Google Directory Federation Services 

Correct Answer: AB 




Which statement is true regarding Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP)? 

A. A database name cannot be used concurrently for both an Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and an ATP


B. After terminating a database, the database name is available for immediate reuse 

C. A maximum of 8 cores can be enabled for an ATP database 

D. A maximum of 2 TB of storage can be enabled for an ATP database 

Correct Answer: A 

Reference: (See note) 



Which two resources are available by default when your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy is provisioned? (Choose


A. an NVMe SSD boot disk for each instance, whose size is determined by the image and shape of the instance 

B. a range of public IP addresses that are reserved for your tenancy 

C. a set of images, where each image is a template of a virtual hard drive that consists of the OS and installed software

and applications 

D. a variety of shapes, where each shape determines the number of CPUs and memory allocated to an instance. 

Correct Answer: AB 



Which two statements are true about an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)? (Choose two.) 

A. A VCN can reside in multiple Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions and Availability Domains. 

B. A VCN covers a single contiguous IPv4 CIDR block of your choice. 

C. An allowable VCN size range is: /16 to /30. 

D. A VCN creates the dynamic routing gateway by default. 

Correct Answer: BC 



Which two statements are true about encryption on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? (Choose two.) 

A. By default, Object Storage and Block Storage are encrypted at rest. 

B. A customer is responsible for data encryption in all services of OCI. 

C. By default, DBCS offers an encrypted database. 

D. By default, NVMe drives are encrypted but the block volume service is not. 

Correct Answer: AC 




You want an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compute instance in your compartment to make API calls to other

services within OCI without storing credentials in a configuration file. What do you need to do? 

A. Create a dynamic group with appropriate matching rules to include the instance, and reference this group in your IAM

policy statement 

B. Instances cannot access services outside their compartment 

C. VM instances are treated as users. Create a user, assign the user to that VM instance, and reference the instance in

your Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy statement 

D. By default, all VM instances are created with an instance principal. Reference this instance principal in your IAM

policy statement 

Correct Answer: D 




In which two ways does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) file storage (FSS) differ from OCI object storage and block

volume services? 

A. Block volume service is NVMe based, while FSS is not 

B. Object storage and block volume services offer default encryption, but FSS does not 

C. A file system is created within an availability domain, whereas object storage buckets exist at the region level 

D. FSS uses the network file system (NFS) protocol, whereas block volume uses iSCSI 

Correct Answer: CD 




Your company has decided to move a few applications to Oracle Cloud and you have been asked to design it for both

High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR). 

Which two should you consider while designing your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure architecture? (Choose two.) 

A. Region 

B. Instance Shape 

C. Compartments 

D. Availability Domain 

Correct Answer: AD 




What is the maximum CIDR range that can be assigned when configuring a Virtual Cloud Network? 

A. /16 

B. /26 

C. /24 

D. /8 

Correct Answer: A 


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