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How can partners leverage Cisco\\’s award-winning resources and support to help customers?
A. Access support, services, and resources whenever needed.
B. Be the first to receive new innovations.
C. Take advantage of incentives programs.
D. Earn higher margins on each deal sold.
Correct Answer: B

What does remote access use to verify identity?
B. Remote Access VPN
C. Agents
D. AMP for Endpoints
Correct Answer: D

Which three products are Cisco Visibility and Enforcement solutions? (Choose three.)
A. Web Security
B. AnyConnect
C. TrustSec
D. Identity Services Engine (ISE)
E. Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
F. Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS)
G. Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints
Correct Answer: ACE

What are two common seller obstacles? (Choose two.)
A. Unresponsive potential customers
B. Overcrowded portfolios
C. Complexity of solution components
D. Fragmented solutions
E. Seller competition
Correct Answer: AD

Which two products are involved in granting safe access to apps? (Choose two.)
B. Identify Services Engine
C. TrustSec
D. Duo
E. SD-Access
Correct Answer: CE

Which two attack vectors are protected by Visibility and Enforcement? (Choose two.)
A. Mobile
B. Cloud
C. Email
D. Web
E. Endpoints
Correct Answer: CD

Which two attack vectors are protected by NGFW? (Choose two.)
A. Web
B. Cloud
C. Mobile
D. Data Center
E. Email
Correct Answer: CD

What are two ways that Cisco helps customers balance protection and accessibility? (Choose two )
A. Leverage integrated tools and dynamic context to enforce policies
B. Reinforce device infrastructure with an extensive security portfolio
C. Provide vital training to ensure a skilled workforce.
D. Analyze user and device vulnerability.
E. Manage risk more effectively across the environment.
Correct Answer: AC

What are two steps organizations must take to secure loT? (Choose two.)
A. update equipment
B. block contractors
C. remediate malfunctions
D. prevent blackouts
E. acquire subscription solutions
Correct Answer: CE

What are two ways Cisco addresses customers\\’ growing business needs? (Choose two.)
A. Multi/hybrid cloud platforms
B. Highly-scalable DC platforms
C. Bulletproof NGFW appliances
D. Consolidated tracking and reporting
E. Multiple solution deployment choices
Correct Answer: AB

For what does ACI provide a single point of support?
A. automation
B. management
C. orchestration
D. visibility
Correct Answer: A

In which two ways should companies modernize their security philosophies? (Choose two.)
A. Reinforce their threat-centric security tactics.
B. Decrease internal access and reporting
C. Expand their IT departments.
D. Rebuild their security portfolios with new solutions
E. Complement threat-centric tactics with trust-centric methods.
Correct Answer: AD

Which two security areas are part of Cisco\\’s web solutions? (Choose two.)
A. URL Filtering
B. Web Security
C. Email Security
D. Identity and Access Control
E. Malware Protection
Correct Answer: DE

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